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Monday, September 5th, 2016 by Betsy Bishop

19 AHS Theatre Events

we planned as of Sept 2, 2017 Subject to change
Sept 6-7 after school --Auditions for fall show (monologue and song) T-W Sept 7 5-7 Soloists for March musical need to sing with accompanist or acapella to choose musical Sept-October 30 1st Thespian Drama Club Fundraiser Begins: Sell Ads, Sponsors for our Mainstage Shows.... 10% profit to each student seller (Thurs-Sun--Sept 15--18--Betsy gone for Conference and Hall of Fame Awards Dinner in Vegas!) Sept 24-25-Leadership Summit in Ashland. Help us host officers overnight! Sat-Sun We need hosts for these really easy going, nice kids from all over Oregon to stay overnight Sept 25—November 13: Drama Club Raffle Ticket Sales: 2nd fundraiser begins:Sell $10 Raffle tickets to pay for Main Events.....  10% profit to each student seller October 3--Back to the Theatre Night M October 21-22--Haunted House F-S Nov 2--Open The MUSICAL COMEDY MURDERS OF THE 1940’S Nov 11--Children's Drama workshop--Veteran's day no school Fri Nov 13--15-Potential Musical Auditions December 15--Deadline for new playwrights' one act scripts--under 30 pages Jan 13--Middle School Drama Workshop Fri night 6:30--9:30 F Jan 30--Judges feedback on those competing at regionals M Feb 3-4--Regional Acting Competition--11 categories Feb 18-New plays produced-- submitted by December to state March 2-12—BROADWAY MUSICAL Show opens W March 23--Showcase Night for those competing at state April 5-8--State Festival in Salem W-- Sat April 14 or 15-Initiations for new Thespians (10 points with tech) May 3-14 A FLEA IN HER EAR Spring show May 17-18--One Acts Night June 5--Gerry Awards --------------------------------------- Possible theatre trips --to Portland, other? Let's talk? ----------------------------------- Dates Betsy have to be at Theatrelink in NYC or at Adult Thespian Board Meeting this year in Portland Top of Formso no extra events can be scheduled these days! Thurs-Friday Sept 15-16  Betsy’s Hall of Fame Award in Las Vegas Sept 24-25 Leadership Summit here at AHS Feb 3-4--Regional Acting Competition April 5-8--State Festival in Salem W--Sat Dec 2--13  NYC Theatrelink March 19- 20 Oregon State Board May 7-8  Oregon State Board Meeting senior circle on Saturday.  

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